[AS-IS] Sunflower Journey: The Tough Fight

[AS-IS] Sunflower Journey: The Tough Fight

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These sunflower heads have endured a remarkable journey, traveling across continents on a 12-hour flight to reach sunny Singapore. Along the way, they encountered challenges and faced the elements with courage, resulting in empty pockets. But it is precisely these imperfections that make them truly unique and captivating.

In this exclusive AS-IS bundle, we offer you the opportunity to bring these remarkable sunflower heads into your life. Embrace their character and celebrate their journey!

By purchasing this bundle, you are also giving these sunflower heads a well-deserved second chance. Let them remind us that even in the face of challenges, there is always beauty to be found.

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Please take note of the following:

  • This bundle consist of sunflower heads which have had a tough journey while being transported to Singapore, thus there will be empty pockets with no sunflower seed filled. However the product will still be given according to the weight purchased.
  • All products under the Organic Sprays series may be packed together, unless otherwise requested.
  • To prolong the shelf life of the product, store it in the freezer upon receiving. 
  • Actual product colour may slightly vary due to monitor settings or photography lighting.